The Homestead App

Scan - View - Save

Easily find your next home


Scan the QR code on the sign outside of the property you are looking at.


Instantly see all of the listing information available on that property.


Save all of your 'Favorites' to easily find later to show your friends, family, and our realtors.

The Homestead App

For years, Homestead Realty and Auction has been on the forefront of using today's technology to help you find that perfect home. Now we have taken our listings and put them in the palm of your hand....literally. Our new app gives you instant access to all of our current listings and allows you to scan our QR codes on each listing sign to bring up the listing information in real time. With this new app, you will have access to pictures and information on all of our listings and upcoming auctions. Staying up to date has never been easier!

Anything is possible

  • See featured properties
  • View all current listings
  • Check out sold listings
  • Save your favorites for viewing later
  • Scan QR codes to instantly view the listing
  • View all upcoming auctions (including some picture)
  • Have all of our contact information at your fingertips

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